Saturday, February 6, 2010

Recap of the Fresh Food Forum at Brown, One Man's Opinion

First off, kudos to the Farm Fresh people for putting this event on, good speakers, variety and networking opps too. The local farm and food movement is certainly strong in Rhody and regionally as well. I had the opportunity to engage a few fellow participants and thought almost all of them were passionate about what they are doing, a refreshing change from my former corporate world.
My overriding concern is the focus on the "food deserts" and driving sales of fresh in those areas with SNAP, EBT, WIC, etc.. I'm not opposed to any of these programs or the need to improve the diet of these communities, the upside in health and reduction in associated costs would be a good thing; I am struggling with the lack of effort/funding to increase fresh local sustainable food to the rest of the population, the larger group that has the ability to choose because they have the income to do so.
If farms are to survive and expand,(more small sustainable farms, not large industrial ones) there needs to be a allocation of resources to make that happen. The Farmers market has to be a year round part of the shopping experience, an incentive to make it a habit rather than a novelty stop in the day. Farmers new and old have to make a fair income for what they produce, they should not earn at a level that would qualify them for SNAP.
The CSA business model is one way to drive farm income up without forcing industrialization. What other ideas are out there? The Public Market, can it stand alone or does it need to be quasi governmental? Local food in the schools, schools growing their own?
I put this out there to encourage discussion and exchange of ideas, let the thinking begin.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Latest Flyer, actually a postcard blown up

Here is the latest flyer for the market, actually a postcard I made up to hand out at the RI Food Forum which I am attending Wednesday at Brown. Should be fun I plan on learning and recruiting. Sneaky Sneaky......

Monday, January 25, 2010

Winter Market Update January 25 2010

The winter market at Attleboro Farms is humming along nicely, it is amazing to see people of all stripes, shapes and sizes descend upon a garden center on a Sunday afternoon in January with only one thought: Good Local Food. Of course there is more than that, there is music, there is soap and body oils, dog treats, cats too. There are children running around and laughing, old friends running into each other unexpectedly. There are samples of all types, you could have a nice lunch with those alone; there are the people who grow or produce what they are selling.
The winter market is a community event, spend nothing or spend a lot, get to know the people who grow/make good food. I'll spare you the rants I have on the current "cheaper is better" food system, suffice it to say shopping for food this way is more fun. It will also make you appreciate the entire process of growing and producing food on a local sustainable level.
Whether you shop here in North Attleborough or visit the other winter markets: Pawtucket, Natick, Wayland or the 100's throughout New England, do shop them as often as possible,do talk to the growers, the bakers, the butchers, jelly makers, cheese makers. If you only have time to say one thing, say this:
Thank you for doing what you do. 
Oh do try to buy something too.
Thank you for reading the blog and shopping the markets.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Flyer for The Winter Market at Attleboro Farms

Above is the flyer for the Winter Market at Attleboro Farms,
If any one would like one e-mailed for posting in the workplace
or better yet further e-distribution, drop a comment & e-mail
I will make it happen, I can do it as a JPEG, TIFF or MS Publisher.
As always thanks for your support of things local and sustainable &
Most importantly see you at the market!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Opening Day

The Sign is out there for opening day of the Winter Market at Attleboro Farms.