Wednesday, May 30, 2012

An Abundance of Farmers Markets

As Memorial Day has come and gone, heralding the traditional start of summer so come the seasonal farmer markets in towns throughout New England. Markets are opening daily with varying selections of produce, plants and wonderful local foods, the selection will grow more diverse as the summer progresses into the peak harvest of fall, slowly tapering off as we near early November and the season's end.

By all means patronize as many markets as is practical, relish the earths bounty in all it's magnificent flavor, but do consider that if you can only shop-port one market remember the one that is open year round as our farmers and producers come year-round with as much as they can and your continued patronage is critical to their livelihood.

As always thanks for coming out and shop-porting all of our farmers and producers.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Updates should be more frequent now

I have been lazy when it comes to updating the blog for the Farmers Market at Attleboro Farms,(and I forgot the password too.) But I promise going forward that I will keep things more current and hopefully more interesting.
Farmers Markets are currently the "Flavor of the Moment" around the USA, which is a good thing when they are in fact serving Farmers, Shoppers and the Community as a whole. Simply put a well run successful farmers market provides a regularly scheduled opportunity for farmers to sell directly to shoppers in a congenial environment. This gives shoppers access to the fresh food, the person(s) who grew it and farmers direct contact with the shoppers.
Of course if you have a Farmers market today without a baker or 2, jams and jelly makers, a smattering of locally made crafts, you will probably not patronize it. Shoppers want variety in their farmers market, a market will be successful if it can achieve a solid balance that pleases everyone,(shoppers, farmers/vendors, the community at large).

Rest assured we are always looking to add variety when it makes sense, Local wines are an example; but recognize that our loyal farmers and artisan producers need to make a living too, so often we say no to someone until the market shoppers are there to support them.

I will try to keep the posts current and add some photos or video too. Ideas welcome and keep telling you friends and neighbors and co-workers to stop by on Sundays to get local with our great group of folks.