Friday, August 28, 2009

No Market August 29 Return Next Week

Well looks like this will be the first missed market of the season, hopefully the only missed one.
The weather is just too dicey to go ahead, I'm thinking safety..high winds and canopies are a bad mix. I heard last weeks market was pretty well attended so a one week miss should be bearable.

I just got back from a Northern VT vacation, had a real good time. Of course I had to eat while I was there so I visited a few markets. You can definitely tell that our neighbors to the north are real loca-vores. The selection was vast and the markets were generally pretty well attended. I had some good food and the vendors were excited about what they had to sell.

I think given some time we will be approaching that level of excitement and selection; keep spreading the word.

See you next week!!


Friday, August 14, 2009

Market Forecast Sat 8-15-2009

This week looks to see a repeat of last weekends great weather and bountiful selection.
I would remind everyone that this is Jam Good's last week at market so if you like her jams and jellies stock up. On Saturday the 29th the location will shift to the grassy area on the south side of the current location. There is a car wash booked in the late morning and early afternoon so we need to move. We will probably do this a few more times as school opens and other events previously booked occur.
I continue to look for additional vendors as well as entertainment,(preferably some form of non-electrically powered music); so if anybody knows of any of the above please let me know.
See you at the market!!
Buy Local!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Market Forecast for 8/8/09

I expect we'll see a beautiful day Saturday morning as well as a similar variety of fruits and veggies to last week. I know our growers and producers are busy with this good weather selecting only the best to bring to market, so I have decided to leave them to their fields this week.

I do want to remind everyone that a few of our folks have locations that are open all week, offering more than what you see at market.

Attleboro Farms out on RT 120 is a full service garden center and landscape contractor.

Oakdale Farms in Rehoboth has a store at their farm in Rehoboth.

The Greenhouse at the end of Landry has plants, art as well as produce.

All local small business that could use all of our support.

See you at market!