Friday, August 28, 2009

No Market August 29 Return Next Week

Well looks like this will be the first missed market of the season, hopefully the only missed one.
The weather is just too dicey to go ahead, I'm thinking safety..high winds and canopies are a bad mix. I heard last weeks market was pretty well attended so a one week miss should be bearable.

I just got back from a Northern VT vacation, had a real good time. Of course I had to eat while I was there so I visited a few markets. You can definitely tell that our neighbors to the north are real loca-vores. The selection was vast and the markets were generally pretty well attended. I had some good food and the vendors were excited about what they had to sell.

I think given some time we will be approaching that level of excitement and selection; keep spreading the word.

See you next week!!


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