Sunday, September 13, 2009

Market Report Sept 12

This past Saturday was interesting, I had sent an e-mail to all on the list reminding that we would have a market Sat am as I didn't think the rain would be too bad. I woke up around 5AM to torrential rain and sighed the "Oh S*#T" when face with bad weather for an outdoor event. I watched the weather and didn't get any positive reinforcement on that front nor from the web.
Around 7:15 I called Oakdale Farms and was told that Mike was on the way, the decision made I loaded up the SUV and headed downtown. We decided to double our tents as well and modified the layout of the tables to keep what few customers I expected dry. FYI Veggies can get wet, duh!

I really didn't think we would do too much, but we were soon joined by Attleboro Farms,(with a great display of fall decor and beautiful mums), a few hours later by Nolin's Apiary, (labels don't do well in the rain). Well turned out that even in somewhat cruddy weather people come out.

Overall with the state of the weather the market had a pretty good turnout. It's important to open the market as scheduled to provide consistency for both customers and vendors. A lesson that was reinforced to me yesterday. It's also good to know that the customers who support the market every week won't let a little rain scare them away, thanks again for your support.

I continue to look for space to maintain a market through the winter and early spring and a day like yesterday only serves to reinforce my efforts.

I'll keep you posted on that and other things I'm working on. Take care and Eat Local.


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